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Standard Prices for LongArm & Quilting Services

 Standard Prices for LongArm & Quilting Services

Are you interested in knowing what the pricing and costs will be to have your quilt quilted? Your cost is based upon the actual dimensions of your quilt top.  All machine quilting is priced by the square inch, however batting, fabric and add-on services are priced uniquely.

download the online quilt services Form

🌟 Minimum Quilting Fee: $49 🌟
Our minimum quilting fee is $49 for quilting service only.
Thread, Batting and other services are additional.

Quilt Size

(used to calculate square inches for most prices)

  • Baby (45”x54”)   2,430 sq in
  • Crib (48”x60”)   2,880 sq in
  • Lap/Nap (60”x76”)   4,560 sq in
  • Twin (64”x100”)   6,400 sq in
  • TwinXL (64”x110”)   7,040 sq in
  • Double (80”x100”)   8,000 sq in
  • Queen (84”x104”)   8,736 sq in
  • King (100”x104”)   10,400 sq in
  • California King (104”x108”)   11,232  sq in
  • Custom Size:  (width) x (height) =  (sq inches)



Priced by the Linear Inch (Length)
(additional information can be found: )

  • Hobbs 80/20 Natural     $0.23 per inch of length
  • Hobbs Wool Natural      $0.39 per inch of length
  • Hobbs 80/20 Black         $0.28 per inch of length
  • Hobbs Wool Black          $0.54 per inch of length


Quilt Fabric Backing:

Priced by the Linear Inch (length)
(Addition information can be found: )

  • I have my own and it is 8” wider and 8″ taller than the quilt top $0.00c
  • I wish to purchase fabric from Dixie Longarm Quilting fabric store.   $0.35 per In.

LongArm Quilting  Designs & Services

(Pattern examples can be found: )

  • Pantograph Quilting Pattern#:  Cost per sq in varies depending on pattern selected
  • Ruler Work:  $0.025 per sq in
  • DLQ Quilter’s Choice Freestyle:  $0.045 per sq. in.
  • Heirloom / Show Quality:  $0.052 per sq. in.
  • Custom Work:  For quoting, please use $0.038 per sq. in;
  • Basting for Hand Quilting:  $0.005 per sq. in.


Thread Choice and Color

(Color chart can be found: )

  • Solid Color: $11 per Quilt
  • Variegated Color:  $11 per Quilt


Additional Services 

(Additional information can be found: )


  • Square-up Quilt Prior to Quilting   $45
  • Backing Preparation
    • Piece together one of more pieces of fabric:  $5.00/seam to piece the backing
    • Square up the back fabric:  $5.00 per side to square up the backing
  • Quilt Preparation
    • Ironing Prior to Quilting   $30
    • Grooming Prior to Quilting  $25
    • Minor Quilt Repairs  $25 (and up depending)



  • Basting for Hand Quilting $0.005 per sq. in. ($49 minimum total quilt order)
  • Quilt in the Borders  $25.00 per border section


  • Create Binding from Left Over Quilt Backing Fabric  $35
  • Machine Attached Binding to Front Only  $0.11 Price per linear inch
  • Machine Attached Binding Overall   $0.18 Price per linear inch
  • Machine Attached Binding to Front, Hand Sewn to Back   $0.22 Price per linear inch


  • You provide label, machine attached : $5
  • We provide muslin pre-printed label, hand lettering, machine attached :  $10
  • Machine embroidered on fabric (provided or muslin), then machine attached :  $25
  • Machine embroidered on quilt face directly : $35



  • Hanging Sleeve: $0.20/linear inch
  • Miscellaneous Services $12.00/hr
  • Quilt Repairs (Extensive Repairs)  $0.15/sq.ft to $0.40/sq.ft depending on repair work and type


download the online quilt services Form

 What Happens Next?

  • Read and sign the Quilt Contract Agreement Form on the following page
  • Send your completed form, including all four pages, back to DLQ by either online submission, email or fax
  • You will receive confirmation within 24 hours, along with an online deposit invoice which you must pay within 48 hours.
  • Once you pay your deposit, within 2-4 hours, you will receive your Shipping Label and Packing Slip to include in your shipment to us via email – there will also be instructions on how to properly prepare and package your quilt for shipment
  • Take your sealed box to the post office and drop off!
  • We will notify you when we receive your quilt
  • Work will begin on your quilt as soon as possible, and you will receive period updates and emails on the progress of your quilt!

Thank you so much for choosing Dixie Longarm Quilting and we look forward to helping you finish your beautiful heart-based projects!


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